Installation, C-Print on aluminum, 120 x 200 cm, 28 x 21 cm (each), 2016

Exhibition: “Replaced”, Rampa, Istanbul, 2016
Photo credit: Chroma

Color Catalogue consists of colors taken from various images with dropper tool in Photoshop. Web, CMYK and RGB values of the determined colors are turned into color catalogs used in printing technologies. Focusing on the moments and materials in which political conflicts are expressed through “color”, the work brings together colors in various sub-categories according to their contexts. Just as an example: During the Gezi protests in Istanbul, people start painting the stairs in the city in rainbow colors. The Istanbul Municipality then paints over these colors with gray, as it does with other graffiti or street graffiti in the city. The rainbow colors of the protesters and the gray used by the municipality find a place in the catalogue, besides many other colors and contexts.

* * *

· Replaced, Rampa, Istanbul
· The Multiplier Effect, Mixer, Istanbul