Group Exhibition
Odunpazarı Modern Museum
December 10, 2021—July 31, 2022

We Know Each Other was exhibited in this exhibition.

“Don’t Look Back, Deep is the Past” focuses on the roles and identities assigned to individuals in context of their relationship with society, habits based on social norms and the ways in which we define the Other.

Informed by perspectives and forms of expression that the individual often conceals (and occasionally articulates) in their journey as part of collective memory; the exhibition looks into concepts like “taboo” and “freedom” from the standpoint of social order and its rituals.

Works that explore feelings of belonging, conformity, rejection and defiance, the unavoidable vulnerabilities reserved to being human reveal the systematic relationship between the part and the whole as well as individual and society. While the exhibition examines the eternal and deeply rooted conflict between the individual and society arising from polarized, contradictory points of view, the artworks find a commonality in the traditional techniques and images they are imbued with.

Providing opportunities to discover new connections between individual and collective, the exhibition gives viewers new ideas about pre-assigned roles, prescribed constraints and the possibility of alternative lives while also inviting them to reconsider their idiosyncratic placements and positions in a new light.


Ali Elmacı
Antonio Cosentino
Aydan Murtezaoğlu
Bengisu Bayrak
Can İncekara
Cansu Yıldıran
Damla Yalçın
Eda Çekil
Fatma Bucak
Gözde İlkin
Halil Altındere

Hasan Özgür Top
İhsan Oturmak
Kezban Arca Batıbeki
Manolya Çelikler
Memed Erdener
Mustafa Boğa
Nancy Atakan
Nilbar Güreş
Nur Koçak
Olgaç Bozalp
Pınar Yolaçan
Ramazan Can

Rehan Miskci
Sinan Tuncay
Şener Özmen
Şükran Moral
Zehra Çobanlı
Zeren Göktan
Zeyno Pekünlü