Istanbul Codex

July 2016

227 works that give a real time snapshot of the art scene in a complex country, suspended between East and West, between Islamization and modernization, between advancement and untamed growth. Creativity, culture and art that can play an important role in enhancing an identity founded on the particularity of Turkey, a country between two worlds. Art that transcends boundaries, breaks rules and restrictions, bypasses all is, as in every Imago Mundi collection, the common thread of this collection that rightly also includes 20 works by Kurdish artists, the largest ethnic group in the country.

Art Direction, Photography and Production:

Project Management:
Claudio Scorretti

Claudio Scorretti, Irina Ungureanu

Valentina Granzotto

Editorial coordination:
Enrico Bossan

Luciano Benetton
Lora Sarıaslan
Claudio Scorretti
Irina Ungureanu
Martina Fornasaro

Editing and Translation:
Emma Cole
Sara Favilla
Pietro Valdatta

Turkish and English Translator:
Hande Eagle

Art direction:
Daniele Tonon

Marco Zanin

Marco Pavan