The Swimmer

2013, Video performance in Mazhar Osman Psychiatric Hospital, 00:02:03, Istanbul

Entrustment of decision, submission of the metabolism to chemicals, everlasting suggestions to adapt to norms. Escaping from prescriptions, desire of elusion from totalitarian manners, an example of civil disobedience.

The video performance takes place in Mazhar Osman Psychiatric Hospital. A reproduction of “The Thinker” statue by Auguste Rodin presents by the pool in the garden of the hospital.
In 1953, Kemal Künmat, a patient of depression in the hospital, starts making the statue; however, he leaves in undone when there is a conflict the payment. Captain Mehmet Pişdar treated in the same department claims to be able to finish the statue. The assurance of the hospital administration to Pişdar is bizarre: “If you finish the statue we will discharge you from the hospital.”
The statue gets finished, Pişdar gets discharged.