“Public Screening with Hasan Özgür Top”
Aperturist at Fujifilm X-Space
March 18, 2021

The Fall of a Hero, The Atelier, This is Stability, The Oath, Halay

Bio: Hasan Özgür Top
Born in 1987, Hasan Özgür Top graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty where he continues his post graduate studies on painting. He works on various subjects such as the process of radicalization, propaganda aesthetics and autonomous organizations. In 2018, He continued his study at the Dutch Art Institute, where he started to focus his research on the propaganda materials of the Islamic State and examines the similarities between the narratives of radical and totalitarian movements. His video, on view in BulBul, Berlin, a Kreuzberg café-bar, The Fall of a Hero, 2020, is made with both found and DIY footage in which he constructs a fictional yet self-reflective work, tracing routes of masculine mythologies from the classical era to today.

Screening: 2020.3.18 – 18:30-19:30
Location: X-Space