Hasan Özgür Top
1987, Ankara

2020-2018     MA, Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem
2019-2015     MFA, Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting, Istanbul
2014-2008     BA, Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, Istanbul

2018       The Atelier, Protocinema at Proyecto AMIL, Lima

2022       12th Berlin Biennale, Berlin
2021       Don’t Look Back, Deep is the Past, Odunpazarı Modern Museum, Eskişehir
2020       A Few In Many Places, Protocinema, Berlin
               Distant Gaze, Are Projects, Antalya

               XYZ, BACO, Bergamo
2019       Art Initiative: OPEN SPACE, Parallel Vienna, Vienna
               YFD 10: One Must Continue, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul
2017       The Multiplier Effect, Mixer, Istanbul
2016       Replaced, Rampa Art Gallery, Istanbul
               If you can’t go through the door, go through the window, Alt Art Space, Istanbul
2015       The Ways We Stand By, 5533, Istanbul
               YFD VI, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul
2014       Borders Orbits 15-16, Siemens Sanat, Depo, Istanbul
               Hazy, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul
2013       Connecting the Dots: Workshops, Pera Museum, Istanbul
2012       Prescription, Karşı, Istanbul
2011       Even My Mum Can Make a Book, Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul

2021       "Public Screening with Hasan Özgür Top", Aperturist at Fujifilm X-Space, Shanghai
2020       Are We in a Golden Age?, DAI–Planetary Campus: Aeroponic Acts, Radio Kootwick, Apeldoorn
2019       The Atelier, DAI–Planetary Campus: The Kitchen, Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin
2018       Where the Sun Rises, Protocinema at Swiss Institute, New York
               The Atelier, Protocinema at DEPO, Istanbul
2012       That’s How We Do It In Istanbul, B15 Occupato, Rome
               Counter Manipulation, NO-TAV Camp,Turin
2010       Two Shadows of ‘The Public’: Screen and Space, Lothringer13, Munich
               Two Shadows of ‘The Public’: Screen and Space, DEPO, Istanbul

2022       Caliphate Pop, Index, Stockholm
2021       The Genocide, Present, Future, Seyyar+Bakış, Online
2021       Working with Found Footage, Altyazı Sinema Dergisi, Online

2019       Are Different Narratives Really Different?, DAI–Planetary Campus: The Kitchen, EXMA, Cagliari
2018       Symbol as Commodity Form, With Ezgi Akyol, Protocinema at DEPO, Istanbul
               Artist Talk: Hasan Özgür Top, Protocinema at Proyecto AMIL, Lima
2017       Live Broadcast: What Remains of ISIS?, Medyascope TV, Istanbul
2016       Video Games and War Images, 5533, Istanbul
               Live Broadcast: Propaganda Videos Which Including Violence From Past To Today, Medyascope TV, Istanbul
               Resistance in Contemporary Art Practices, Creative Çukurcuma, Atölye İstanbul, Istanbul
               From a Distance: An Ethics of Image Construction, Alt, Istanbul

2016       After The Archive?, Initiative, Istanbul
2010       Temaşa, Book, Istanbul

2020       La fabbrica di bandiere, La Balena Bianca, Sara Benaglia
2019       En Turquie, la scène artistique sort de l'isolement, l'hebdo du Quotidien de l'Art, Killian Cogan
               Image, Geography and Visible Landscape, Art Unlimited, İlker Cihan Biner
2018       The Art of Survival, The Economist
               What Makes a Flag Real, Barahunda, Inez Piso
2017       Indicators, Images and Aesthetics of Political Affairs, Plato Sanat, Dilara Altuğ
               Huo Is Asking, Art Unlimited, Huo Rf
               Is There Life After the Archive?, Gazete Duvar, Kültigin Kağan Akbulut
2016       Nothing Will Be The Same, Istanbul Art News, Şebnem Kırmacı
               “I don’t have any worry about making political art”, Trendsetter Istanbul, Naz Cuguoğlu

2022       Caliphate Pop, Hasan Özgür Top, Mandus Ridefelt, Assem Hendawi, Sarnama Press
2019       A Brief Overlook of the Recent Past: On Testimonies and Production, One Must Continue, Hasan Özgür Top
2017       In-Between Worlds, Kurdish Contemporary Artists, Imago Mundi
               The Battle of Oranges, Gazete Duvar, Hasan Özgür Top
               Thinking About After The Islamic State, Gazete Duvar, Hasan Özgür Top
               “Hasan Özgür Top”, Sanat Dünyamız, Kültigin Kağan Akbulut
               Terror, War, Un-War…, I-Team, Zeynep&Marina
2016       Portfolio: Hasan Özgür Top, Istanbul Art News, Mari Spirito
               Shades Of The Same, Near East Magazine #4, Nicole O’Rourke
               Istanbul Codex, Contemporary Artsits from Turkey, Imago Mundi
               Artists from Turkey Navigate History, Memory, and Authorship, Hyperallergic, Nicole O’Rourke
2014       Graphic protests inspire laughter and hope, Eye Magazine
2013       #OccupyGezi: The art of the Turkish protests, CreativeReview
               We Are Pissing Off Fathers, Çağla Özbek, 5Harfliler
               Fathers Will Piss Off!, Posta
2012       New Media And…, Deniz Yengin, Anahtar Kitaplar, ISBN: 9789758612680
               Collage-Photomontage In The Contemporary Art, Cemil Ergün, Art-Design Magazine
               Political View and Critics In Contemporary Art at Turkey After 1990, Osman Odabaş

2020       Radical Mythologies, SALT, Online
2016       City Link Festival, Copenhagen

               Amateur Archives, SALT, Istanbul
2015       Thinking Emotional, 14th Istanbul Biennial, Cezayir, Istanbul
2013       Connecting the Dots: Workshops, Marmara University, Istanbul